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Bjoern Meyer on Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Idea of ReportingCloud

Tired of building PDF documents by "programming" them? Use ReportingCloud to merge JSON data into pre-designed MS Word documents and create pixel-perfect PDFs from any application.

See how That Works

  1. Using the online template designer part of the ReportingCloud Portal, you create a template with placeholders and repeating blocks:

  2. Prepare your data by serializing your business objects and any other data sources to JSON:

  3. Create the document by sending a simple HTTP GET request to the Web API:

    Or use one of our fully maintained ReportingCloud SDKs and create the document using an API call in your preferred language.

  4. The next animation shows the merging process where the JSON data is merged into the placeholders. MS Excel compatible formulas can be used to calculate cell values.

Get Started

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